Pack 12 Months PRO

$37.29 $32.77

Renewal Gshare 3

After the purchase, please send your S / N number to your receiver (receiver information)

Satellite subscription “This is not IPTV”


  • Renewal of Internet Server (Gshare) subscription, Decoder (DONGLE / SDS) for receivers:
  • GEANT, STARSAT, TIGER and PINACLE (and all demos with a Gshare subscription) that have expired.
  • renewal is INSTANT, is REMOTE (you only send me the serial number of your receiver) and does not require any manipulation on your part. 
  • G-Share server subscription. Renew or activate subscription to the latest generation G-Share server.
  •  This subscription to the G-share server will allow you to access exclusive content.
  •  Tuto: Add the product “G-share” to the cart. Finalize your order by indicating the serial number of your device, located in
  • menu> settings> STB info. Wait a few minutes, the time to receive the confirmation email containing the new expiration dates of your subscription.
  • Upon receipt, reboot your device to speed up the synchronization to the server. This is variable, ranging from a few minutes to 1 hour.


Gshare Renewal

For the Pinacle ip9000HD

For the Pinacle ip9600hd hybrid

Starsat 2000 Hd hyper 
Starsat 8800 Hd hyper 
starsat 2000 hd 
starsat 2000 hd ace 
Starsat 10000 hd 
starsat 7000 hd 
starsat ………… .ect

Giant 2500 hd 
Geant 2500 hd new 
Giant 2500 hd 
Giant 2000 hd more

giant 8500 hd hyprid giant 
88 hd most 
giant 8800 hd plus

giant 8810 hd more 
giant …………. ect

renewal Gi 500 suprem hd


  • 1- The supplier remains solely responsible for the content of its bouquets and the availability of the channels included in its offer.
  • 2- Some chains or bouquets may be temporarily unavailable, this is totally beyond our control


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