MAG iptv for All models 12 Months


MAG subscription iPTV 250/254/255/256/257/322 …. and all model 12 Months

More than 2000 channels
are included in this subscription


MAG iPTV subscription 250/254/255/256/257/322 /

MAG256 / 257 MAG324MAG324 MAG424 / 424w3MAG424 / 424w3 and all models 12 Months

More than 6000 channels and vod are included in this subscription

iPTV Subscription: You live in an apartment where you can not install a satellite dish to receive your favorite channels such as Canalsat beIN Sports sky Arab channels ……. So our solution IPTV smart IPTV makes your life easy

  • fast operation remote activation by MAC address

* you have to install the Portal: Thank you to contact us to have the portal

* IPTV subscription requires a download speed greater than or equal to 400 Kb / s.

* Subscription delivery does not exceed 12h (in working hours)

* The subscription and the availability of the chains are guaranteed by the supplier.